Help improve the lives of members of your community and have fun!


We rely on our volunteers to keep THAT Food Bank running and without them we wouldn't be able to provide the support that many people in Teignbridge desperately need. We are a sociable and lively group.


At present we are looking for new  volunteers to help in the foodbank.  Alternatively you can help by collecting money or donating in date food or household items in good condition.

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The amazing and talented Spectrum Music raised £2,800.00 playing at various venues throughout December 2018. WOW !!

Other ways you can help

Don't have the time to volunteer? There are plenty more ways you can help us out. Do you have any household items you don't need, or food that you know won't be eaten, why not donate it? We are thankful for anything you can spare!

You can also help by spreading the word about THAT and what we do. Do you know anyone who could use a bit of extra help? Maybe you know someone who is looking to do some voluntary work? Tell them about THAT! We are always happy to take on new clients and volunteers. 

Take a look at the DONATE page and read about donating at no cost to you through easyfundraising.